There are many charming and quirky aspects to living in Idyllwild.
Here are a few signature things you will want to know about moving to a small mountain town!

If you work with us at Idyllwild Properties, you will receive a comprehensive welcome and resource guide that helps you acclimate to Idyllwild-specific mountain living.


We do not receive US Mail at our physical address. All residents are given a free P.O. Box and this affords you the opportunity to visit town and chat with your neighbors as they pick up their mail and packages. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your Amazon packages delivered to your home, delivered by UPS, FedEx, or other carriers.

Idyllwild Post Office in Strawberry Creek Shopping Plaza

Our lovely P.O. Boxes – you will be assigned a free small box when you become a resident


Yet another little quirk – we do not have trash pick up in Idyllwild! There is a transfer station where you can take your own trash, which is an additional opportunity to chat with neighbors and get one of the best views in town. If this does not sound appealing to you, there are private individuals who have weekly trash routes.  For as little as $40 a month, they will pick up your trash every weekend. I use this service personally and love it.


Unlike much of Southern California – Idyllwild has 4 distinct seasons. While we have beautiful warm summers, we are also blanketed in snow for much of the winter months. This makes for plenty of fun winter activities such as sledding and building snowmen. Around Christmas time, Idyllwild is the perfect Hallmark movie small town – covered in snow and lit up with colorful lights. In Autumn, the trees burst with color as their leaves begin to fall and the fresh smell of pine is stronger than ever. Spring and Summer are the time for hiking, swimming in the nearby lakes and simply enjoying the warm and beautiful outdoors.

Feverfew growing along Strawberry Creek Spring

Summertime blooms

Winter Wonderland